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Wirral Local Safeguarding Children Board Procedures Manual – Contents

May 2017

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Policy Framework
  2. The Local Safeguarding Children Board
  3. Managing Individual Cases Where there are Concerns about a Child's Safety and Welfare - Procedures
  4. Children in Specific Circumstances
  5. Safe Workforce
  6. Individuals Who Pose a Risk to Children
  7. Complaints and Professional Disagreements
  8. Child Death
  9. Learning and Improvement Framework
  10. Protocols
  11. Practice Guidance
  12. Appendices

1. Policy Framework

1.1 Introduction  
1.2 Underlying Policy, Principles and Values  
1.3 Recognition of Significant Harm  
1.4 Information Sharing and Confidentiality  
1.5 Common Assessment Framework  
1.6 Thresholds for Services to Children  
1.7 Step Up / Step Down Process New
1.8 Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families  
1.9 Family Group Conferences
This links directly to Wirral Children's Services Procedures Manual
1.10 Legal Framework for Child Protection  
1.11 Race, Ethnicity and Culture  
1.12 Use of Interpreters, Signers or Others with Communication Skills Updated

2. The Local Safeguarding Children Board

2.1 Wirral Safeguarding Children Board - Role and Function  
2.2 Agency Roles and Responsibilities  

3. Managing Individual Cases Where there are Concerns about a Child's Safety and Welfare - Procedures

3.1 Contacts and Referrals - under review  
3.2 Single Assessment Policy and Guidance
This links directly to the Wirral Children's Services Procedures Manual
3.3 Strategy Discussions/Meetings and Section 47 Enquiries as Part of Social Work Assessment of Needs and Strengths  
3.4 Initial Child Protection Conferences Updated
3.5 Deciding and Recording That a Child Should be Subject to a Child Protection Plan - under review  
3.6 Implementation of the Child Protection Plan - Lead Social Worker and Core Group Responsibilities  
3.7 Child Protection Review Conferences - under review  
3.8 Multi-Agency Standards for Child Protection  
3.9 North West Protocol for Standards in Supervision of Children and Families Social Workers New

4. Children in Specific Circumstances

4.1 Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a Belief in Spirit Possession  
4.2 Abuse of Disabled Children  
4.3 Children and Young People who Display Sexually Inappropriate and Harmful Behaviour  
4.4 Working with Young People Engaged in Sexual Activity  
4.5 Bullying in Children and Young People's Settings  
4.6 E-Safety: Safeguarding Children and Young People using Digital and Interactive Technology  
4.7 Children and Families Who Go Missing  
4.8 Children At Risk of Not receiving a Suitable Education Updated
4.9 Children Living Away from Home (Including Children and Families Living in Temporary Accommodation)  
4.10 Private Fostering
This links directly to Wirral Children's Services Procedures Manual
  See also: Children and Young People's Department - Statement of Purpose: Private Fostering
This links directly to Wirral Children's Services Procedures Manual
4.11 Management of Children and Young People in Need who are Medically Fit for Discharge  
4.12 Children in Need Moving In and Out of Wirral  
4.13 North West Children in Need Moving across Local Authority Boundaries New
4.14 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
4.15 Children Visiting Psychiatric Wards and Facilities New
4.16 Concealed Pregnancies New
4.17 Pre-birth Procedure New
4.18 Responding to Children and Young People who are at Risk from Domestic Violence and Abuse - Policy and Guidance for Professionals  
4.19 Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children New
4.20 Fabricated or Induced Illness  
4.21 Female Genital Mutilation Updated
4.22 Wirral Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage Protocol  
4.23 Safeguarding Children from Abroad (including Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children)  
4.24 Modern Slavery New
4.25 Safeguarding Children and Young People who may have been Trafficked  
4.26 Guidance on Safeguarding Children for Faith Groups in Wirral  
4.27 Working with Children and families Affected by Substance Misuse  
4.28 Mental Illness of a Parent or Carer - Adult Mental Health and Children's Services Joint Working Protocol  
4.29 Children Affected by Gang Activity and Youth Violence  
4.30 Safeguarding Children in Licensed Premises  
4.31 Safeguarding Children and Young People against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Updated
4.32 Cross-Border Child Protection Cases under the Hague Convention Updated
4.33 Sexual Health Policy and Guidance for Staff Working with Young People Under 19 Years of Age  
4.34 Sexual Exploitation: Multi Agency Strategy, Protocol and Practice Guidance  

5. Safe Workforce

5.1 Safe Recruitment, Selection and Supervision of Staff  
5.2 Managing Allegations Against Staff, Volunteers, Foster and Potential Adoptive Carers who Work with Children  
5.3 Guidance on Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and other Staff  

6. Individuals Who Pose a Risk to Children

6.1 Managing Individuals Posing a Risk to Children  
6.2 List of Relevant Offences  
6.3 Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)  
6.4 Visits by Children to Psychiatric Wards, to High Security Psychiatric Hospitals and to Medium Secure Units  
6.5 Waiving of Arrangements for Young People who Committed Offences that Potentially Pose a Risk to Children  
6.6 Visiting of Prisons By Children  

7. Complaints and Professional Disagreements

7.1 Child Protection Conferences Appeals Procedure  
7.2 Multi-Agency Escalation Procedure  
7.3 Whistleblowing or Raising Concerns at Work  
  See also: Wirral Safeguarding Children's Board - Policies and Procedures  

8. Child Death

8.1 Merseyside Joint Agency Protocol - Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Childhood (SUDiC) for Children Aged 0 to Under 18 Years 2015  
  Click here to access Form A - Notification of Child Death  
8.2 Child Death Overview Panel  
  See also: Information for Parents  

9. Learning and Improvement Framework

  See also: Chapter 4: Learning and Improvement Framework, Working Together 2015  
9.1 Learning and Improvement Including Serious Case Reviews  
9.2 Learning from Serious Case Reviews  
9.3 Process and Framework for Reviewing Cases below the SCR Threshold  
9.4 Notifiable Incidents Procedure  

10. Protocols

10.1 Wirral Protocol in Relation to Children with a Child Protection Plan Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries Updated
10.2 Children Placed in Wirral - Notification Procedure  
10.3 North West Pre-Care and Care Proceedings Notification and Transfer across Local Authority Boundaries Procedure New
10.4 Joint Protocol for the Management of Domestic Abuse Notification from Merseyside Police and Other Agencies  
10.5 Wirral Domestic Abuse Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) Operating Protocol  
10.6 Joint Local Protocol between Drug and Alcohol Partnerships and Children and Family Services  
10.7 Merseyside Multi Agency Child Sexual Exploitation Protocol  
10.8 Bruising in Children who are Not Independently Mobile  

11. Practice Guidance

11.1 Female Genital Mutilation Multi-Agency Protocol  
11.2 Assessment of Sexual Abuse  
11.3 Assessing Sexual Perpetrators with Learning Disabilities  
11.4 Considerations of Sexual Abuse in Kinship Placements  
11.5 Assessing Adult Female Sexual Perpetrators  
11.6 Assessment of the Mother as a Protective Parent  
11.7 How to Respond if a Child Disclosed Sexual Abuse  
11.8 Assessment of the Sexually Abused Child  
11.9 Assessing Children who Sexually Abuse  
11.10 Wirral Multi – Agency Neglect Strategy  
11.11 Practice Guidance - Neglect and Graded Care Profile  
11.12 Safe Sleeping Guidance  
11.13 Good Practice Guidance for Working with Children and Families Affected by Substance Misuse - under review  

12. Appendices

12.1 Local Contact Details  
12.2 Concerned about a Child  
12.3 IFD/MASH Feedback Form to Referrer  
12.4 Feedback Form Following Referral from Districts  
12.5 Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015  
12.6 NICE Guidelines 'When to Suspect Child Maltreatment'  
12.7 Ministry of Justice (National Offender Management Service), Mother & Baby Unit Specification  
12.8 Amendments